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Q: What Can I expect at my first lesson?

A: Well, regardless of if it’s your first time holding a guitar, or you’ve been playing for awhile already, we’ll sit down and discuss where you are now and where you would like to be a month from now, six months from now, and a year from now. After that we’ll take some time to access where you are technically and musically and depending on the results, dive right into what needs work right away. Be it the fundamentals of music and sight reading, a simple piece, or something more advanced. My goal is to get you playing and making progress as soon as possible!

Q: I can’t/don’t want to learn to read sheet music, can I use tabs?

A: I strongly recommend learning to read sheet music. It is a universal link to all instruments and is capable of displaying superior amounts of information to guitar tab. It also requires a deeper level of cognitive processing, which aids in the long-term learning process.

Q: Can you provide instruction to Minors?

A: Yes, however anyone under the age of 16 requires parental consent. This is due to the fact that most lessons are held in private to give a comfortable learning environment. Character references are available on request from current students, past students, and third parties.

Q: What is the youngest, oldest, age you would give instruction to?

A: There is no upper limit – music doesn’t listen to age! You are never too old to start. For a lower limit the child should be old enough to be able to take the content seriously, be capable of studying and understanding musical concepts. Most importantly, it’s vital that they are capable of holding an instrument. Please be aware that smaller scale instruments are available for younger musicians, however I am not able to supply them.

Q: I have a specific goal or piece of music in mind that I would like to reach.

A: That is no problem! We can work towards your goals. It’s my job to fill in the steps you need to reach your goal, whatever that may be.

Q: What materials do you require your students own?

A: A Full scale Classical Guitar, a foot rest, electronic tuner, and the RCM Bridges series volume(s) that are appropriate for their level. Additional materials may be required or provided on a case by case basis.

Q: How do you handle financial transactions and lesson payments? Late Payments?

A: Payment is due at the 1st of each month for that months booked sessions. Lessons I have to cancel or postpone can be transferred to the next months balance or refunded. Late payment of fees will not be accepted without prior discussion. Payments can be accepted via cash, e-transfer, or cheque, and a receipt can be issued immediately for values over $100, or at the next point of meeting for lesser values. Financial records are held for at least 1 year and receipts can be provided at any time.

Q: Where are lessons held?

A: Lessons are held in my personal residence in a dedicated music space, unless otherwise arranged. The lesson room includes a music stand, an electronic keyboard, foot rests, and chairs. Sessions are only recorded with student/parental consent, and everything that is discussed is kept confidential. Lessons at other locations, such as your residence, are possible, but you must provide a suitable environment and equipment such as a music stand and appropriate seating.