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Classical Guitar Lessons

For Absolute Beginners to the Guitar; up to RCM Grade 4

Each 30 minute lesson is valued at $20, with a discounted rates for Students of $15. It is recommended that Students (Especially absolute beginners) have at least one lesson a week. Longer sessions are available on request and subject to scheduling availability.

Lessons include:

  • Use of Instrument and equipment during lesson
  • Instruction of suitable technique and theory
  • Undivided attention
  • Learning resources (Sheet music, charts, assignments)
  • Practical examples and demonstrations
  • Active feedback on progression and goals

If you’re not sure the Guitar is for you, or you just want to try out a lesson, we can accommodate you and provide an instrument and a discounted or free first lesson. It is recommended that students who intend to pursue the Guitar beyond a first lesson attain their own instrument, as practising once a week is not enough for success.

Please Note, for lessons at other locations, a music stand, suitable learning environment, and your own instrument must be provided.

Music Theory Tutoring

Theory Tutoring is also offered for $10 per 30 minutes on an as needed basis.

The level of theory offered is suitable for High School Music, University Introduction Courses, and RCM Preparation.

Sessions Cover:

  • Sight Reading
  • Rhythm
  • Key signatures
  • Major, Minor Scales
  • Chord Progressions and Structures
  • Intervals

Please note, the above list is not exhaustive. Please bring assignments or examples of the work expected or that assistance is required for in order to guarantee the best experience possible.